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Sarah Linske

Soprano - Chicago, IL

I've been singing professionally since 2008 and been studying with Carl since 2015. I was most surprised by the intensity and length of the lessons. I've grown to have a great appreciation for the artists from the past, and I've listened to and read about so many great singers that I wouldn't have unless Carl had introduced me to them. Now I have a vocal technique that I can depend on, thanks to Carl. I'd like to mention what a colleague said to me, when I told him that I study with Carl, he said, "Wow, I hear that everything he touches turns to gold". I feel extremely lucky to be part of his studio.

David Greene

Tenor - Chicago, IL

I've been singing for 13 years and studying with Carl for 8. What surprised me the most about his lessons is how much more my voice is capable of. I have learned to lean into the words to produce clear resonant sound with edge. Carl is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about vocal technique. He is meticulous and demands a lot because he knows how to get great results out of his students. He is old school but will get you singing with clarity and the sound will be exciting and present.

Michael Rivera

Baritone - Chicago, IL

I have been a student of Carl's for 19 years, and the benefit I've learned from Carl is to sing with my real voice and not a manufactured sound. I  like his style of teaching because of his ability to get to the true essence of the text and see how it manifests in your interpretation of that. When taking voice lessons, it is not a frivolous endeavor, and you have to go in, knowing that you'll be taking apart what you thought you knew and reconstructing it into something different. 

Mary Prost

Soprano - Chicago, IL

I've been taking lessons from Carl for 19 years and what has surprised me the most about lessons, is how effortless and efficient singing can be with the right techniques and communication. I've learned techniques and exercises that have helped open up my voice, that I haven't learned from other teachers. I like his direct approach, style of communication, and passion for singing!

Franco Pomponi

Baritone - New York, NY

With the skills of a classic, old-world, artisanal, craftsman, combined with the the sharp-edged, hi-tech knowledge of a modern architect, Carl Lawrenz fashioned the backbone of my singing career. He has wisdom of a sage and immense knowledge of the vocal art form, it's craft, and technique. Carl affords his students constant attention to detail and fierce insight. His personal care and exceptional criticism along with his boundless enthusiasm and support make make him one of the rare and premier voice teachers in the world.

Tenor - Toronto, Canada

Carl has changed my voice completely within the past year. He made me aware of how much voice I hadn't accessed in my singing and how there was a lot more richness, fullness, and depth that should and could be accessed altogether. He made this happen slowly and helped lower and stabilize the larynx. His teaching style is old fashioned, well thought out and the singing is based off of a perfection of the individual's speaking voice. Without the proper training and attention to detail, I would have continued to sing in the same manner and the approach to my high notes or as us tenors say, 'our money notes', would still have been incorrect and perhaps in time, nonexistent. He is wonderful, knowledgeable and inspirational. I am lucky to have met him and that the timeline of events happened the way they did. He is, by far, the greatest teacher I have worked with..... this is why I make it a point to fly into Chicago from Toronto every two months. He is well worth the time.




Helden Tenor - Chicago, IL

Carl trained me to understand vocal technique as the essential foundation to the proper expression of a singer’s emotion in a given character. From him, I learned to look at what the composer desired, what the character needs, what the style permits, and what I as a performer want to bring within that given framework. Most importantly, he has always taught how to be an intelligent singer, one who sings in the pursuit of technical efficiency and a vocal economy of stamina. He has stressed how to best accomplish what makes me as a singer, unique; and has thus instilled with me, a love for the art of singing.ople the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want.

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